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Now that you have your Restore files, you need to do some initial maintenance.

1. First you need to make sure you have antivirus protection. If you elect to not use the included program, download a free one from the web. the 3 main choices are AVG, Avast and Avira. I have used AVG for years with success. I like the features of Avast but they all work well.

2. Once you have your antivirus working, go to and download their free Uninstall program. I recommend this to replace the program provided by Microsoft for reasons I will explain later.

3. Other programs I like from them are their ASC and Defrag. Get the free versions. Hold this for later as we need to start removing the unwanted programs.

4. After downloading Uninstall, open it and look at the list of installed programs. The main one to delete is Microsoft Office (If you decide not to use it). BTW, if you still have an older version on disk, you can install it. All the older versions work fine in Windows 10. Or see this page about getting the free WPS Office program.

5. When you select uninstall, the program gets removed using the normal uninstall program supplied with Office. This is where the real value of the IOBit program shines. After the basic uninstall is completed, you will see a button for Powerful Search. This process finds all the leftover junk that never gets uninstalled and leaves a load of C...P on your computer. As an example, I recently uninstalled 2 versions of CorelDraw. Version X4 had about 800 entries left in the registry. X7 had almost 9000!!!

6. You can look through the list to see if there are any other programs you want removed like the supplied antivirus program. BTW, Microsoft includes it's program called Microsoft Security Essentials. Early versions were not very effective but later versions have improved. It can stay in the computer as it will not conflict with your free download choice.

7. The next program that is useful is Ccleaner. My location of choice for downloads is FileHippo. Get Ccleaner here.

8. Open the program and look through the selections in the left menu. I choose to dump almost everything but there may be items you want kept. Also select the programs tab and make your selections here. You can do an analysis before you delete. You need to run this program frequently. It does not run automatically.

9. Now you can choose to download some maintainence programs Like ASC and Defrag. These are free programs. There are others like Glary Utilties. Most of the free versions require you to run them manually. If you upgrade to the paid version, then they update and run automatically.
You can find them on the web using Google. I searched for "best free windows 10 maintenance software" and found this site with a nice list.

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