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Broadband Internet Service

Updated 1/30/2018

There are various ways to get the Internet today. DSL, Cable TV, Fiber Optic, Satellite and Over The Air.

As I noted on other pages, I now have DSL broadband service. I have used many services in the past years and much prefer Cable and DSL when they are available for the best for consistent speed & reliablity. These were not available here in Pahrump, so I was stuck with less than desirable services with Keyon and WiMax. In November 2008, AT&T brought DSL to my location and dropped WiMax. I now have super fast service for the same price ($30/Mo).

AT&T offers 4 different speeds but only 3 are available here. You can see the offers here. The fastest is not in Pahrump, so I chose the Pro service with stated speeds of Downstream Speed: Up to 3.0 Mbps Upstream Speed: Up to 512 Kbps and I am getting 2.5 Mbps consistently.

It's now Jan 3rd, 2009 & I'm still enthralled with the DSL. I can now watch videos without them burping & jumping. I can listen to music or radio with no breaks. My downloads happen almost instantly. I have downloaded updates for my Nero & some printer files that are over 300MB. In the past that would have been a nightmare. Now it happens in a matter of minutes.

My work location still has no DSL access & I'm stuck with a local antenna service with speeds of 256 to 800 and the music & video still are jumpy. At 2500+, the DSL beats it hands down. Can't wait for it to be available at work. We now have 15 mbps pretty consistently from Rise Broadband.

DSL is provided by the local Phone company through your wired telephone system in your house. It may not be available everywhere. It used to be the most releiable and fastest available but no more. Depends on your location if it is even available.

There are other ways to get broadband. Your TV provider may offer it, both wired (cable) and satellite. Over the air service is available most places and may compete for price and speed. Here in Pahrump we have Rise Broadband that has reasonable speed. They are available in many parts of the country. This service requires a receiver on your house and a tower with a tramsmitter within visual distance, usually on cell towers.

Some providers are offering super high speed with various names like Gigabit. Here in Pahrump our local electric company is in the process of providing a fiber optic system to all of Nye County. This promises to provide speeds of 25 mbps now and 50 mbps later at a lower cost than we now pay for 15. 1-30-18 update. Been using this service for 6 months now. Very happy with it at a solid 25 MBPS constantly with rare outage.

So things are changing so fast, you need to check and compare for your location.

Here is a site offered to us that reviews the options.

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