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I posted my IHateHP page a long time ago. Since then I have received many e-mail replies with similar stories.
Here I have posted some examples
7-1-2016 this is old but still applies

From Lincoln H

Hi, I read your comments about your troubling experience with HP's technical support and wanted to share mine.

It seems these days many computer companies have drones as technical support. My situation is rather peculiar, it will probably serve as a good laugh or cautionary tale. I thought to share what I wrote to HP. Last year in Beijing, China, I bought a HP Pavilion dv1000, and it is still under warranty. I ran the HP battery check program that I downloaded from HP's web site. The program told me that the health of the battery indicates a failure and needs to be replaced. Also, I did a search on HP's web site, and there was a battery recall program, which one of the recalled models was DV1xxx, and from that recall program, I realized that HP is capable of replacing batteries internationally for the affected models.

Since my notebook has the same model as the recalled series, I know they will be able to ship the battery to where I am now, Italy. However, after inputting the serial number, it turns out that my particular battery is not recalled. However, keep this in mind that it is the same type of battery used in the same type of notebook recalled by HP and if necessary, HP will replace it world wide.

Here is my predicament that no one at HP cares to solve. I live in the US but I am currently in Italy and will be here for several months. HP Italia web site shows they do not support my notebook, so I tried to contact the technical support in the US. First the agent was willing to open a case for me and arrange for a replacement. However, he was only able to do it if it is shipped to a US address. I told him that I was in Italy and he wouldn't hear any of it. It was either having the replacement battery shipped to the US or nothing at all. Also, he told me that I must send my old battery back within a specific amount of time or subject to a charge on my credit card.

What HP did not take into account is that I am in another country and the mailing time can take longer than the allotted time. In addition, if I was to send this battery by DHL, it will cost me enough that I rather buy a new 4000mAh or 8000mAh battery, which is going to last much longer than my existing one, even when it was brand new. Finally, I agreed to have him send the replacement battery to a friend of mine in San Diego.

As we are about to conclude the paper work (note: this is after spending half an hour in the chat), he asked me where I bought it. I told him I bought the notebook computer from Beijing, China. Suddenly he told me he cannot replace the battery for me because I have to contact the support in China. I thought it was insane of him to suggest such impractical solution. It's already bad enough HP doesn't ship outside the US for a battery they specifically can ship internationally if it was being exchanged for another reason (see the recall program above), now they want me to contact the support in China?

I told him it was very impractical to do this, because I am not going to spend several hundred on a plane ticket just to replace my battery in China. By the way, HP support seems to be better in China as they will come and replace this in your home with their large number of employees at their disposal. However, it seems this rigid automaton technical support employee is not willing to find any other solutions. So I confronted him with the contradiction where the exact SAME battery can be replacement internationally under the recall program, now it cannot be done for a warranty program?

Then the only reason he gives me is that HP does not ship replacement part outside the US. How absurd is that? So we ended it there since he can no longer be helpful and I expressed my dissatisfaction. I tried to call HP Italia and although they were courteous, they were not particularly helpful. They directed me to call China's technical support. I explained to them that I am in Italy, and it will be impractical for me to contact China, still, they had no better solution for me. I tried to catch the right time to contact China's technical support when they are open (7 hours ahead of Italy).

First, I had to wait a week because of the International Worker's Solitary (May 1 Labor Day). When they finally re-opened on May 8, each time I tried to enter the chat room it was not available. So I tried to use the technical support chat, which directed me to a person in India, who in turn suggested me again to contact China. It seems that at each step, Hp's technical support representative systematically followed a scripted instruction and ignored the circumstance and need of the customer. My international warranty has less than two weeks remaining at the moment of writing and because of this situation, HP will cause it to lapse. This way they can avoid paying for the warranty repair.

However, just to let HP be aware, when I bought this computer, I have a two-year warranty, one of which is good in China. So even if my international warranty expires. If I do go back to China to visit, I will take advantage of the remaining local warranty and get my battery replace for the sake of it. So HP will not be able to avoid fulfilling its obligation. In all practical conclusion, even if I successfully contacted China, and they agree to send me a battery to Italy, which I doubt considering if the US division can't do it, the cost of sending my battery back to them is not practical to consider. With the same amount of money, I can buy almost a 8000mAh battery from a company such as and enjoy a much longer run time with bigger and newer cells.

In all fairness, the DV1601ts notebook computer I have has proven to be reliable, well engineering. I especially like the quality of the plastic, the connectors, the keys, the Altec Lansing speakers, the wide screen, and the slim profile. It is a very aesthetically pleasing computer with good performance. However, if I have to spend hundred to fly to China just to take advantage of the warranty and for no other reason, then I rather use that money to buy another computer.

Listen HP, this time it won't be your computer even if I liked all other aspects of it. Improve your process and don't make your technical support the butt of jokes and front page of New York Times, or in the attorney general's files. I understand that this type of unusual circumstance where it involves dealing with technical support and logistics on three continents can be procedurally complex, it doesn't have to be. Your company made it difficult. The simple solution is to agree to send the battery to me or any other customer in this situation. After all, ALL of your computers are made in China and in the US they are using exactly the same parts for this series. If you want customers to buy your product, it shouldn't matter where they bought it, especially the same product is sold in the US too, you must support them too.

From Kelly

I just wanted to let you know that I feel your pain. I too am getting the runaround with HP laptop, which has usb ports that continue to break. After I get off the phone with my customer service rep, I feel so dirty that I need to take a shower.

And from HT

Hi, I have had the same experience with HP. My wireless laptop is a joke. I purchased a dv 5000 laptop in January 2006, I have spent from Monday to Thursday trying to get the customer service to understand that my wireless card is no good. I spent 4 hours one evening And 3 hours the next day with them trying to straighten out the wireless problem. I finally insisted on Friday that they pick up my laptop And fix it.

I will never buy another laptop from HP. They were almost trying to say I did something to the computer. They did not want to believe that it just stopped working properly. I was told that my warranty was only for 21 days at the time of purchase , And I let them know that I paid for extended warranty service. I guess if I had not stated that they would have not been willing to pick up my laptop And repair with no charge. I do not think it is right for a customer to have to experience this with only having a product for 5 months.

From JR

Read your Hate HP site. I just experienced a similar problem with HP support. They also reimaged with Home And claimed they don't sell Pro. In the end I got ahold of their CA corp. headquarters And whined until I got someone. I tell you this because under the law, you are entitled to a full refund. They are sending me a check for the full purchase price. Good luck

From JQH

This one is rather long And the worst by far. I have it as a Word doc if you want to download it And read it. I removed all reference to the writer And the case numbers which would identify him, but I have the original if anyone questions the validity.

Disclaimer: The material on these pages represent the opinions of the writers. I have the complete documentation with names if ever required to prove these are not fiction. FMS And it's representatives will not be held responsible for any decisions made by any readers as a result of reading the content of this page.

5-27-07 here's a long story from Brandon:

I bought my HP laptop for school, And since I also planned on using my laptop for entertainment, I bought nearly the top end machine HP offered at the time. What a waste of money that was. I got my laptop And everything was great, it was blazing fast And ran everything I could through at it well.

Towards the end of my first semester of school was when I started to experience problems with it. My cooling fan started to grind against who knows what. Making for a very loud And annoying buzz. I called up HP (outsourced to India of course), And spent the next two hours on the phone with them running around with attempts to quiet the fan with driver updates. Obviously, this didn't work And I ended up sending my computer in. It came back about a week later And everything was good again, or so I thought.

When Microsoft released Windows Vista, I was excited. It looked so pretty And shiny. I had to have it (by the way, don't buy Vista yet). I upgraded to Vista And played around with the new goodies in it. I was happy, except for my overall loss of performance from memory hungry OS Vista.

Then, just before finals week, everything went wrong. I was playing the ever so addicting World of Warcraft, when the screen suddenly went blank. I ended up having to restart because Windows never came back up. As it was booting back up, I noticed all kinds of strange vertical artifacts on the loading screens. I knew this didn't look good. Then, instead of loading Windows, I got the mythical Blue Screen of Death (BSOD). In absolute horror, I restarted again. Same thing. Under Vista (I'm not sure if XP does this too) the machine automatically restarts upon a BSOD. After finding out how to disable this, I discovered my worst fears were true. My video card, the nVidia Geforce GO 7600, the most expensive laptop video card still offered by HP, had fried. At least it's still under warranty.

So I emailed HP support this time. I had found the logs of my crashes while running in safe mode And attached them to my email. The email I got back was utterly simple, try this BIOS update (which I already had done) And if that doesn't work, they'll send me a box. Great.

A week later, I get my computer back again. I open it up And turn it on. Windows Vista would not load, saying that it was unregistered And not legitimate. I email back HP And to say how disappointed I am with their servicing. Next thing, call up Microsoft. After three hours on the phone talking with Microsoft, I managed to get Windows reactivated. Hurray! I have my computer back!

I didn't even consider checking to make sure I had no serious hardware changes because I had assumed that they would replace the old hardware with the same kind. Gee, was I wrong. I load up a game, And was shocked to find that I could barely run at half the settings I ran at before. I exit And check my hardware. And my shiny And expensive nVidia Geforece GO 7600 had been replaced with a 7400, which if I remember correctly, was an option that was $100 or so cheaper than the 7600. Again, I contact HP. A case manager will contact me within the next three business days. Great.

Two days later, this "case manager" calls me up (outsourced to India, again). He asks for the original shipping conformation number, which I had tossed out assuming this was just a tracking number. I had always assumed that information about my computer would be attached to its serial number. A while later, he emails me.

"Hello BRANDON, I research your case And all the specification into your computer I the original Video Card was EX177AV 430180-001 SPS-BD SYS 945PM NV73 FF PAV. That's why the service center replace the video card And since we don't have no proof that you own a nV7600 we re unable to get a resolution. I apologized for this inconvenience, but there is nothing that HP can do about it."

First, I want to point out that what this "case manager" says is my video card, is actually the model number of my computer. I own an HP Pavilion dv8000, model number EX177AV. After I received this, I contacted the Better Business Bureau And at this moment, am waiting to hear anything from them.

Next, I dig into my computer again, knowing that it should have logs of previously installed hardware that I can email in to prove that I had a 7600. I found them And emailed them to the "case manager." And never heard anything back from him, as though he is completely ignoring me. Outraged, I open up another support ticket with HP. This time, I emailed in the records of my 7600 with them. Again, a case manager will contact me within three days. I email them back saying how disgusted I am to find that HP apparently has no records of my computer. They assure my they do, but never said anything more than that.

It's been a week now, And I still haven't heard from the second "case manager." I emailed them back again, And got a message saying again, that a "case manager" will contact me within three days And thanking me for my patience. I've lost my patience. It's been almost a month now since I got my computer back from its repairs And I still have no answers. And my warranty will expire in another month. I'm almost betting that they are pushing this off until my warranty expires. I will never buy another HP product in my life. Their customer service is absolutely appalling.

Wow, my story is getting long. By the way, I love your HP horror stories site. -Brandon

Editor's note: Unfortunately upgrading to a new OS (especially in the beginning days) can cause problems with various hardware. In all fairness to HP (which they don't deserve) it is usually possible to find out if your hardware is compatible with the new OS. A couple of examples:

I helped a client set up a new computer in March 2007. She had an HP photo scanner to be hooked up. Vista did not recognize it so I went to And looked for drivers. HP made the statement that all hardware older than 7 years was not going to have Vista drivers written.

When upgrading to XP, there were many printers And scanners that would never be supported in XP And are still not to this date. This was not just an HP problem. I had this trouble with a number of scanner manufacturers And Cannon printers.

The hardware requirements for Vista are a little scary. Most current computers will not support it well. Even if you have the memory And hard drive space, you probably don't have the right processor or video card. For other problems with Vista check out this page.

6-13-07 from MB in Oklahoma:

Hello, I was reading your anti-HP web site And decided to share my own experiences so that maybe you can post them as well. I purchased an HP laptop in 2/2007. It came with a mail-in rebate. I sent the paperwork in right after buying it (within a week). The rebate is supposed to take 6-8 weeks, making it the end of April at the latest.. Well it's now June 13 And still no check. According to their customer (dis)service rep in India, the check was mailed on May 31st. The person I talked to on June 7th told me to give it 10 days. If it didn't come by the 10th, they would re-issue the check. On June 11th, still no check. I called again. This time they tell me I have to wait THIRTY days before they'll reissue the check. I told the person it does not take thirty days to get a letter anywhere within the United States. I'm an author And a student nurse. I've talked with several of my peers, who have had similar experiences. They all told me that they received their check between 3 And 4 weeks after it was supposedly mailed. It's obvious that HP prints the checks, shows them as mailed, but holds them for 3 weeks before actually mailing them.. Just my two cents worth.

From Brian 10-26-07: And the beat goes on... Thanks for sharing.

Hello, My name is Brian. I am e-mailing you because I also had a problem with hp And I told them I would make my issue public, so this is my first step. I bought a desktop bundle (a1640n with 19' monitor etc. etc.) on October 16, 2006. Almost 1 year later (October 12, 2007) my hardrive fried. I called HP And a technician told me that I was not under warranty, when I actually had 4 more days left. (keep in mind what a coincidence it fried so close to the end of the warranty) So he took me through some of their troubleshooting steps which never work, And told me I would have to reformat my hardrive. Since I had some important files (And didn't need his help with something so simple) I told him I couldn't do that at the time. He told me that I have to reformat it And if it doesn't work I would need a new hardrive. The technician never once mentioned that if I had followed all of the steps HE was supposed to take me through HP would have replaced my hard drive. All he said was that he could only help me over the phone. So I personally replaced my hard drive. By the way the case number for that call is 800-382-9152. When I brought the computer home with a brand new hardrive after about 15 minutes of use, my 19" flat panel monitor fried. I called HP (case number 800 419 2386) And complained that this had happened like 3 days after the expiry of my warranty, And that I would have known earlier if I had not had to take my computer in for repairs. The technician again took me through some steps but nothing worked. He said he could do nothing And after about an hour of being aggressive he said he would escalate my issue And someone would call me back in the next 2 days. I knew they wouldn't, And what happened, exactly that. So I called in after 3 days And was very upset. I was directed to a manager who was rude from the very beginning. Telling me its like auto insurance And that you cant buy a warranty after the accident. I told him I knew that, but that if the warranty had fixed my hardrive I wouldn't be complaining. He told me I didn't follow the steps necessary to replace my hardrive. He told me that IT IS NOT THEIR RESPONSIBILITY TO TELL THE CUSTOMER ABOUT THE PROCESS BUT JUST TO DO IT. He said that since I hadn't reformatted my computer with the technician I wasn't eligible for replacement. I told him that the technician should have informed me that I had to do all of that And they would have replaced it, And that way I obviously would have done it (I didn't care if I lost some files as long as I got a free new hardrive). He told me it was my fault for not reading the steps required to under my agreement when I first started up the computer 1 YEAR AGO. How am is any customer supposed to remember. He has some guts to tell me that it is not their job to inform us of our warranty, just to help us trouble shoot. I was on the phone for over an hour And I didn't get anything. I had to pay for a new monitor, And a new hardrive all out of my own pocket because HP does not care for their customers. I am revolted by their service And I ENCOURAGE EVERYONE TO NEVER BUYING AN HP. They are extremely unreliable And coincidentally happen to "brake" right after the expiry of the warranty (1 year). I also have an office printer where the inkheads broke 1 month after the warranty expired. I brought up all of my problems And no one cared. They treated me as if I was an idiot And it was all my fault for not reading the fine print. HP misinforms their customers to make money. I have all of the receipts etc. etc. to prove that I am not just making this up. I WILL NEVER BUY ANOTHER HP PRODUCT, AND NO ONE ELSE SHOULD, NOT ONLY BECAUSE THEY ARE UNRELIABLE, THEIR SERVICE IS THE WORST I HAVE EVER EXPERIENCED FROM ANY COMPANY. I think what you are doing with this website is AMAZING And think this HP issue should be escalated even further!

12-2-07: In November, I received these e-mails from Jesse (Note I don't use last names or e-mail of the writers, but I have their mail on file if anyone questions the validity)

His first mail to me said:

To whom it may concern. I absolutely HATE my HP printer. It is an all-in-1 HP3210. I'm not going to go on And on here as to why, but let it be known that I will NEVER purchase an hp product again. In fact I will go way out of my way, & spend enormous amounts of money in order to never let those 2 letters grace my desk top again. Did I mention that I HATE HP??? I have lost money, I have lost clients, I have missed deadlines, & they have NEVER helped me. I have wasted days & weeks trying to work with them to get this piece of excrement they call a printer to do what they advertise it to do. & nothing has ever panned out.
igned Jesse.

So I wrote back And asked permission to print it And provide more detail. This was his next mail:

Please add this story to your page. you are also welcome to edit it a little bit, since I am a musician & not a writer, I'm not good with prose, especially when I'm as pissed off as I am right now.
I have spent 3 hours today already trying to get it to work, finally I went to Staples & let them do it. Why I HATE the HP 3210 printer Ö Letís start by saying that I have been on board this desktop computer thing since the beginning. 1985, or somewhere around there. Always Apples, never a PC. Iím not the computer geek I would like to be, but I am just one rung under that level of expertise. Desktop computers have been a part of my life for over 20 years now. I am going on my 5th machine, & about my 5th printer. I have owned Epson & apple printers prior to this grave mistake when investing in the HP.
Why did I go for the HP? Because when I went to the store (CompUSA, since they deal with Apples, & the Apple store wasnít around yet) there was an HP salesperson the who PROMISED me this specific printer was exactly what I needed & PROMISED me it was VERY compatible with my Apple computers. I explained EXACTLY what I was going to use it for, which is basically the same thing for about 15 years now, so I was very specific with my wants & needs. I also was sold on the film negative to photo feature on this particular printer. Mostly because I had an upcoming series of projects that would require that technology. I lost that entire line of business, with a number of clients, because I couldnít get it working before the dead line. That cost me & my business a lot of money, & a negative reputation.
Here are some more of the issues I have encountered since purchasing my first HP printer.
Ink smears with the slightest of moisture.
While printing B&W copies, the printer stops mid job because certain colors are low. What do colors have to do with B & W copies? Iíve had the printer run out of colors, even though I wasnít using any colors in my printouts. Again, why are colors running out if Iím not using them. HP has some excuse for this, but as far as Iím concerned they are screwing every one by making them buy extra ink. (Didnít Epson get sued for a similar issue?)
When printing out more than a couple sheets, Margins are inconsistent, without exception. Yes, ALL the time.
You can only print a few envelopes at a time.
During a print job, the final prints can only stack up a few before they begin to spew out. I like them in the order I print them out, yet I have to crawl under my desk to find missing envelopes & print outs constantly.
The loading section is tiny, you can only put a few pieces of paper in it, & even fewer envelopes to be printed on.
The loading trays are lame. The pieces are flimsy plastic & break very easily. The VERY common paper jams are terribly inconvenient & very difficult to fix.
I am constantly having to re-set up a new print out because of some of these issues. & that is inconvenient because I have to go back & figure out where the printer screwed up & create a whole new job.
The negative printing feature, (printing pictures from old film negatives) which was the reason I purchased this particular higher priced machine, has NEVER worked. Although I have evidence that it never worked, HP customer support stalled in helping me with the issue till the free help ran out, now they want to charge me to help me.
I have yet to get it to work right. Every time I contact them, they keep repeating the same things I have already tried, EVEN THOUGH I TOLD THEM I ALREADY TRIED THAT!!! I have been in this loop for over a year now, & most recently, after bitching to them about it, they sent me the first set of instructions that I had already tried a year ago, with out success. So here we go in an endless loop of wasting my time & pissing me off.
The scanner feature has the similar problems. I have gone to Walmart to get scans of photos, but they donít do negatives, so that whole business investment was a loss for my bank account. So here I am, going to walmart to do what I originally purchased this printer to do. How good is that for HP?
Originally, I couldnít get the machine to print properly, I had to get Apple to help me with work arounds, even though this wasnít Appleís problem, They still helped me ďtrickĒ the printer in order to get it to print correctly. Again HP Support was absolutely no help. (Apple ROCKS!!!!) My experience with HP support has been absolutely useless. They have NEVER helped me fix ANY of the issues I have with this printer, & they continue to beat around the bush with excuses & such. I have lost money, I have lost clients, & I have missed deadlines while waiting for them to get back to me, only to NEVER fix the original issues in the end. Thatís just a few issues with this machine. It is going to end up going through my window soon. I am getting a headache, so I need to stop now. (BTW, I donít get headaches, in fact, I donít even have aspirin in my house.)
I HATE HP!!!!!!!!!!

Editors comment: I suspect that even though the printer is a USB printer, it was not designed to work with a MAC. I've always been happy with Hp's printers, just unhappy with their service but I only use Windows machines. I'm too cheap to buy a MAC.

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