Webster: A figure of speech wherein a phrase produces a seeming contradiction, such as
"Cruel kindness"
or "To make haste slowly"

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Act naturally Found missing Resident alien
Advanced BASIC Genuine imitation Safe sex
Airline food Good grief Same difference
Almost exactly Government organization Sanitary landfill
Alone together Legally drunk Silent scream
British fashion Living dead Small crowd
Business ethics Soft Rock Butt head
Military intelligence Software documentation New York culture
Extinct life Sweet sorrow Childproof
Synthetic natural gas New classic "Now, then ..."
Taped live Christian scientists Passive aggression

New classic

Civil War

Clearly misunderstood Peace force
Computer jock Temporary tax increase French bravery
Computer security Plastic glasses Terribly pleased
Definite maybe Political science Tight slacks

Diet ice cream

Exact estimate

Pretty ugly

Rap music

Twelve-ounce pound cake
Microsoft Works Religious tolerance One man crew
Ferry food (on BC Ferries to Vancouver Island) New - Famous (On a Restaurant Sign)

Jumbo Shrimp

Planned Parenthood

Fast freight (rail) Dry Lake Working vacation

Just saw a new one that struck me funny. The headlines said "Friendly Fire..."  SAY WHAT?

And one from Ham radio "Fixed Mobile"

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