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Got a new Computer? Check this out

Revised 9-20-16 to remove most of the old XP stuff & add some info about PDF scanning.

2020- many of these pages are out of date

Windows & Software



Did you lose a Windows program like Solitaire or Paint? Check this out.
Adding and removing Windows programs
Removing entries in the Add/Remove Window

Favorites and Bookmarks

Glossary Form

Computer Terms

Computer Terms (Humor)


Internet Tips and Tricks

3D Stuff

Keyboard and Mouse settings

E-Mail Tips & Tricks
Outlook Express settings
Saving & Finding Attachments

Common Keyboard Shortcuts Internet Search Tips How to Zip/Unzip
Check for multiple
copies of AOL
What to do with a new computer
Miscellaneous Windows Tips What's Cookies? click here Purchasing
File Extensions and associations
Changing Associations
FTP Burma Shave

Cut, Copy and Paste
Copying an error message
The XP Clipboard

Make A Wish Hoax

Humor (On the web)

Shortcuts Interesting Websites Bats (the animals)

Utilities/Safe Mode
Using Msconfig
Special Utilities

All about Downloading

Boulder City, Nevada
Las Vegas Info

Windows Uses FreeWare Bit N Bytes
Character Map


humorous definitions

Direct X

All about computer Hardware


Links for On Line Banking and Financial Information

Old Folks Prayers


Web Stuff

Stuff for sale in Pahrump

Editing the Registry


Using Safe Mode for solving Problems Using Yahoo E-mail to retrieve other mail

Check before dialing toll calls
Area Code List

Anti Virus
Hoaxes, Myths and outright LIES

Using The Yahoo Address Book

Listen to music on your PC

All about passwords
Passwording the bios Caution

Working with E-mail


Using Unwrap

I changed my mind! You need a good Anti-spyware program

Web Help for MSWord
Microsoft Word Tips
MSWord Projects

Don't waste paper- Learn to
Print Web Pages Properly

Using Windows Explorer
Lost thumbnails in Vista?

What the heck is an ISP?
Click Here
to find out

An A to Z lesson in how to use a scanner Click Here

Should I upgrade?
All about Older Computers

All about Spyware
& how to avoid it

The complete history of computers
History 101

Internet Radio

Fancy clock

Acronym or Abbreviation?

Default - What's That?

AOL Settings

Word Vs. WordPerfect
Or Making PDF files

Using Yahoo E-Mail to check for a virus

CD's won't play? Maybe
Autoplay is the problem

Keeping Records

Browser Shortcuts

You want strange- Try
balancing forks
on a toothpick!!!

Scanning to PDF in Windows 10 (new 9-20-16)

For Dial up folks only.
Don't get dropped.
Stay Alive

Calendar for 2008
Calendar for 2009
Calendar for 2010

Keyboard Boo Boos

Link Highjacking

Transferring data

How fast am I?

Current Day & Time

Alternatives to Windows

Is Yahoo your default e-mail?
Here's how to change it
Revised again 10-09

Embroidery and shirt printing
By B's in Pahrump

Change font size

Learn to use the control panel
and the folder Options

Dec 2008 Dropped WiMax broadband service and went to DSL
2004 to 2019 We switched from DSL to Wireless with Digis - now Rise Broadband. Then switched to wireless by VEA the Electrical utility here providing Fiber optic to antennas all over town.

2020- dropped VEA. Went back to Rise. Faster and better streaming

Alaska Morning Net

All About solitaire New 10-31-07

Have you backed up your fonts? Learn how here
New 11-4-07

Additional training can be found at the Training & Education section of my Interesting Websites page.

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