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One special Word tip. Check here for others

Wouldn't it be nice to have a printout of the fonts on your computer?

Like this..... FOR FREE?

You like free stuff? I like free stuff!

There are programs you can buy (Yuck) to do this but why not do it for free! Assuming that is if you already have Microsoft Word worked in versions up to 2000, but not in newer ones.

Right click on this link & choose "Save Target As"
& Download it in your My Documents folder. Then open it.

When you click the above link, you will download a Word document with instructions on making a Macro in Word. Its not a scary as it looks, really. I made the above file in Word 2000. Have not tried it in Word XP, but should work just fine. You may see different menus. If so let me know.

I'll provide the instructions here on how to do this in Word 2000:

First open a new document in word. Then click the Tools menu, then Macro

You will get a dialog box with the Macro Name box empty.

Type in "ListAllFonts" with no spaces. (Upper case optional)

Then click Create and you get this scary looking window for geeks. Don't panic.

This is the part where you must have a little computer literacy. Not much, just a little.
First you must know how to use copy and paste. If you don't, review the copy and paste article or get help from someone who knows how. Its really not hard & every computer user should know how to do this. Even if you think you know how, you might want to learn something new about it.

Second, you need to download the word file mentioned above & have it open.

The Word file looks like this: (Note that if you just click the link, it opens in your web browser. Better to use the right click method noted at the top of this page & open the document in Word)

Scroll down the file to the last section. Copy the highlighted information from it...

Now switch to the Micosoft Visual Basic window. Then highlight the lines in the window as noted below

You are going to replace the highlighted material in the Visual basic window with the lines from the Word file using Copy and Paste. If you do it correctly, it should look like this:

As a review, the chart below shows the copy & paste procedure:

Copy from
Paste to



You have now created a Macro! Congratulations. Just close the Visual basic Window & you are ready to use your new macro. Go to the new Word document & Tools- Macro

Only this time the macro window will look like this:

Then click Run & watch your font list be created in the Word document. You can then do anything you normally do with any document: Edit, Save, Print, Etc. I like to add the date to the file name when I save it. Then if I add or delete any fonts from my computer, I just run the macro again.

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