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Here are some very useful utilities for general use

Revised 7-6-16. Things change rapidly on the web.
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UnWrap (cleans up E-Mail)
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My favorite is Unwrap This little utility cleans up copy and pasted material. The most useful way I have found for its use is cleaning up E-Mail. E-Mail messages often contain little arrows on the left. This program removes them. Also when you have copied material and the lines don't wrap properly, this can be cleaned up also. Let me demonstrate. This first picture is an e-mail that I copied into Word. You can see the mess.

The second picture (below) shows the Unwrap program. The upper section shows the material before cleaning up. The bottom section shows the material after cleanup.

This last picture shows how the material is copied into Word after cleanup.

Click here to download the program from Windows Look for Unwrap You can also search the web for download sites or download the program from my site if the web sites are not available.

Ccurrent version as of this writing is 2.1.53 so check if there is a newer version.

Zip/Unzip (expanding files so they can be used)

Since we are on the subject of Unzipping, I like 7Zip. The industry satndard is PKZip. I find it harder to use.
You can get it here. I happen to like Filehippo for downloading as I find it to be easy to use and does not slam you with other programs and junk. Click the green button at the top right. I also like that FileHippo does not cunfuse you with a lot of download buttons for junk addons.

Belarc is a program that reveals all the details about your hardware. Run it and save the results. Print it out and save it with your documentation for your computer. When you add or upgrade software run it again to have the latest data.

New to me in 2019: HWiNFO that claims similar to Belarc: Will try it later.

While many people usually think about system information tools when they encounter problems with their computers, these programs can help in a variety of situations. For example, the details may be useful when installing new hardware or software, tweaking a computer or planning upgrades. HWiNFO32 is one such tool, which is available free of charge. It is designed to extract and display as much information as possible about a computer system. HWiNFO32 supports the latest standards, technologies and components in the industry.

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