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April 18, 2018 will be the 4th Annual World Amateur Radio Day Special Event

Special call sign will be W2W (for 3 days only 3/17-3/19)

W2JLD John is the coordinator of this event and the special call sign.
The call sign will be good only for the event.
Any questions regarding this event should be directed to John W2JLD2@gmail.com
The event starts at 1600Z (9 AM PST, 12 Noon EST) and runs 12 hours or more.
We are looking for net controllers for this event. Each shift can be 1 or 2 hours.

This event is a EchoLink-VoIP based event. EchoLink has many RF stations that are connected.
Thanks to Kent Johnson W7AOR and the Nevada Amateur Radio Repeaters, Inc. (www.narri.org)
on IRLP 9251 for providing us with the system to do this special event every year
and thanks to Todd WH6DWF for his technical support behind the scenes for providing the cross-linking of multiple conferences.

Check in information:
You may check in once with each controller to add to the total for each time for a maximum of 8.
Rechecking with any controller does not add to the count.

QSL information:
QSL cards will be available for making a contact. DO NOT GO TO QRZ for this information.
Each controller will keep a log and submit it to W2JLD.
To obtain a QSL card, include your time of contact and the IRLP, conference or VHF/UHF frequency.
Send an SASE to John DeRycke, 85 Amherst St, Apt 2, Rochester, NY 14607.
Would be nice if you include your own QSL card.
Note: You may apply for up to 8 cards if you check in with each controller.
Provide the time of each check in
and one envelope large enough for the number of cards you are asking for.
Can't imagine why anyone would want more than one but they are available. Additional postage may be needed.
Here is a sample of the 2018 QSL card: (Actual card will not have the watermark)

Here are the QSL cards from the last 2 years:

You might be interested in what it took John to obtain and operate a special event call sign. Click here to read the PDF file.

Here is the Press Release to be given out March 9th provided by John

Held every April 18th and 2018 will be the 4th year we have done this.
Last year (2017) we logged in 426 check-ins in a 12 hr and 15 min net with 6 net controllers
from all over the world. The response was overwhelming.
W2JLD started this in 2015 and 2018 will be our 4th year that the World Conference Server will be hosting it.
We will have A.R.R.L sponsoring this year as well as have a special event call sign.
Let's make this year even better.

Here is a link to the IARU information.
John has been coordinating the 2018 event with ARRL. Here is their response.
"Your Special Event announcement has been received and has been posted to the ARRL Special Event Web site at www.arrl.org/special-event- stations.
Please check the listing. Your event announcement will appear in the April 2018 issue of QST."

Here is the schedule as of 3-29-18 (Subject to change)

PST EST UTC Operator Notes
9-11 AM 12-2 PM 16:00-18:00 N7HVN Cathy Wed WRN Controller
11 AM- 12 PM 2-3 PM 18:00-19:00 W2JLD John W2W Coordinator; Mon WRN Controller
12 - 1 PM 3-4 PM 19:00-20:00 WH6DWF Todd Thur WRN Controller
1-3 PM 4-6 PM 20:00-22:00 VO1UKZ Darryll DODropIN admin
3-4 PM 6-7 PM 22:00-23:00 KD8TBC Lee WRN Assistant Manager, Thur WFN controller
4-5 PM 7-8 PM 23:00-24:00 WB8ODF Dave
5-6 PM 8-9 PM 24:00-01:00 W7AWN Phil Sat WFN controller
6-7 PM 9-10 PM 01:00-02:00 KG7KA Loren Fri WRN controller: Webmaster
7-8 PM 10-11 PM 02:00-03:00 N0STY Nasty Manager Friends conference; Sun WRN net controller
8-9 PM 11-12 PM 03:00-04:00 W2JLD John  

It may go beyond the stated end time.

On Amateur Radio Newsline Report 2109 for Friday, March 30, 2018 an interview was done regarding WARD.
Here is the text of the interview.
Here is the audio file.

Tee shirts are available. Design 1, Design 2
Order by email or phone.


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