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These are examples of ads on just one site. Some have an X some don't, but all are links to other sites that pay this site for the referrals.
The ad changes each time you reload the page.


Recognize that most of the free emoticons, wallpaper, fonts and screensavers involve some nasty stuff
Another example is down the page a ways.

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Local Information


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Free Web Hosts

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AOL fixes

Auctions & garage sales



Training & Education

Boulder City
2 very different places


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Travel & Maps & Weather

Computer Help
and Tips
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Unusual sites
Burma Shave


E-Mail Tips

Greeting Cards, Flowers & more On Line

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Vehicle Info



Search Information

Web connection

Books on line

Home Repairs

Stuff for retired folks

Web Design *


ISP & free e-mail Info *

Links for MSWord Help

Web Cams *

Family sites

Many sites bill themselves as "Portals", starting places on your surfing experience. Other sites make excellent "Home pages" where you start your browser. Most ISP's set up a "Portal" by default. AOL and CompuServe have done this for years. You start in their private areas and then surf the web from there. The latest marketing ploy is the "Free" Internet services that started with NetZero. Then KMart, Ace Hardware, Costco and other retailers started using Free Internet Access as a means of marketing. They force the "Portal" to be the site of their choice. Even if you set a different start page as described on my Internet Tips and Tricks *page, you get redirected to the home page of their choice. But the price is right. You just give up a little control. As of December 14, 2000, many of the free services went defunct. When it's free, there's no guarantee to continue. Juno, Netzero and KMart are still providing limited service as of mid 2007. Check my ISP information * page for the latest info I had at the time. Things change quickly!

You can choose to use AOL as a portal even if you are not an AOL member.
Anyone who uses AOL IM already has an AOL screen name and if you want Instant Messenger, you can get it from here.
AOL has some good content for the general public.

Other Portals of Interest fall into categories and I will list a few here.

Financial: Quicken and see also my Banking and Financial Links *

News: CNN, ABC News, NBC News, CBS News, Associated Press, FoxNews

Family: World Village See also list of Family sites below

Search: Yahoo, Excite, Ask, Gnet and many others. See also the Search Info links in the chart below. Some of these sites offer free Web access and provide a way to set a personal start page with your preferences. You can have your stock portfolio, local weather, selected news and other personal preferences displayed immediately. As an example, in Yahoo, look for the "My" button that says "Personalize" below it. See Fig 1. Then choose Edit in each of the categories to select your favorites. See Fig 2.

Fig 1
Click to Enlarge
Fig 2
Click to Enlarge

Most portals work in a similar way to customize a start page. Just experiment until you find one you like. This is why AOL has such popularity because it makes finding personal preferences very easy for beginners.

Other Web Sites of Interest

Local Information:

Clark County www.accessclarkcounty.com
Hoover Dam hooverdam the dot com site appears to be gone but the .gov site still works. If you want more info, do a search for Hoover Dam. Lots of good stuff out there.
Hoover Dam Museum http://www.bcmha.org/
Henderson http://www.cityofhenderson.com
Nye County http://www.nyecounty.net/
Maps of Nye http://www.nyecounty.net/index.aspx?NID=550
US Census site https://www.census.gov/data.html
All about doing business in Nevada: http://nv.gov/business/, http://www.sba.com/nevada/
and https://www.usa.gov/state-business/nevada

Boulder City stuff

http:// www.bcnv.org
www.bouldercity.com a Boulder City private site
PBS on Boulder City Excellent stories and searchable- Look for Pahrump or your town.
Boulder City Library New in 2002. Nice
http://www.bouldercityNV.com/ Boulder City Home Guide
Boulder City Chamber of Commerce

Pahrump Information

http://www.pahrump Valley Times Paper

Pahrump Valley Chamber of Commerce
Pahrump Valley Winery Nice place to eat, good wine, buy on line
China Ranch Date farm near Pahrump. Datye shakes made on site.
Ash Meadows is close to Pahrump & a very interesting place to visit

Search Information
Click Here to go to the search information page

List of all search engines www.gnet.com
How to search http://search.yahoo.com/search/syntax?
Searches other engines www.dogpile.com
Ask questions www.ask.com
A nice set of links
for seniors

Also check http://www.silverhairs.co.uk For us old folks

and this info as well:
There are lots of web sites with helpful free information.
If you don't find what you want here, try some of these:
http://bestnetguru.com/abcofcomputing/ Another free training site
http://www.silverhairs.co.uk For us old folks
How Stuff Works Neat site
Check out this article on How PC's work. Best I've seen
Click on the Print link to view the whole article. Located about half way down the page just above the ads.
Be sure to check the links at the end of the article (page8) for related content.
And a new one https://www.digitalunite.com/guides/computer-basics


www.breadworld.com sponsored by Flieshman's Yeast
and a search for recipes will bring thousands of links like this one:



www.borders.com now takes you to Barnes and Noble
See also Books on Line below

Find best prices www.pricewatch.com
All major stores have web sites. Just type in their name
example: www.sears.com
They go out of business so fast I can't keep up.

Auctions & garage sales

Yahoo shopping
www.usell.com on line classified ads



Movie database http://imdb.com

Books on line

Download and read books in both audio and text format
by just searching for
"download & read books
See also Books above

Games, Puzzles & Humor

Things change so fast I can't keep up. I'll suggest links to search
http://www.everyrule.com/ rules for all games (still works in 2017)
Brain games, puzzles and pastimes can be a lot of fun and a challenge, Just search for
"brain games & puzzles"
Same for crosswords and word search sites. Look for general or specific.
For example search for Music Crosswords.

http://www.crosswordsite.com/ No longer free
http://www.quizland.com/index.mv Lots of Trivia. Scroll to bottom to find crosswords and word search. Look for the how to keep a Moron busy for hours link. Shows how morons waste time on the net creating such sites.

Randy Glasbergen's Daily Cartoon The best consistent humor anywhere

Radio/Video on line

http://www.launch.com/ A Yahoo site
http://www.hgtv.com/ Lots of web videocasts.
Use search to find special stuff like the Rose Parade
http://www.radio-locator.com/ Probably the best finder worldwide

Media Players

www.winamp.com Nice media player
www.realaudio.com/ has a free and paid player. You have to look real hard for the free one.

On Line Greeting Cards, Flowers & more

Most are now subscription sites

http://www.hallmark.com/ 2007 still has free e-cards
www.egreetings.com Free and Pay
www.ecards.com Nice free site
http://www.starteasy.com/topgreetings/ 10 pages of links to greeting card sites
http://www.dworldonline.com/elec.htm Links to lots of sites
http://www.800send.com/ Send free E-Flowers
http://www.sende-flower.com/ Send free E-Flowers
http://www.ave.ch/echo/e-flowershop.html Send free E-Flowers
http://www.virtualflowers.com/ Send a free Virtual Bouquet
http://www.premier-photo-cards.com/ Take your favorite photo and make it into a card for your holiday or special event. Corporate / business greeting cards are available and fully customizable. Preview your card right on our web site. Your order will be printed on a heavy weight card stock.


www.infospace.com YELLOW PAGES & WHITE PAGES
Money info, rates, calculators, etc. www.bankrate.com
Mortgage calculator www.bloomberg.com/
A number of financial calculators
legal documents http://www.legaldocs.com/ Many are free. All others are available from $5.50 to $89.75
Check your grammar http://www.grammarnow.com/ plus links to many sites about grammar
Farmers Almanac www.almanac.com You name it
Time http://tycho.usno.navy.mil/ You can view some areas to get the time, but many of the pages require Netscape to run. AOL musta paid the government!!
PC Time http://www.timezonesforpcs.com/ Free software to add world time to your desktop.
Acronym finder http://www.acronymfinder.com/ The web's most comprehensive dictionary of acronyms, abbreviations, and initialisms. more than 560,000 definitions! July 2007
Consumer info www.consumerworld.com by a consumer advocate. Nice links to shopping & bargains

www.consumerreports.org Doesn't everyone know them?
www.onelook.com 8,853,196 words in 937 dictionaries indexed July 2007
Yellow Pages www.bigyellow.com
www.itools.com/research Go back to the home page & see all the tools they have.
All the news www.totalnews.com
Stockmarket News www.marketwatch.com/
Library of Congress
Library of Congress on line catalog
Current event analysis www.newswatch.org
Area code lookup http://decoder.americom.com
Fast food nutrition info lists many fast food chains (Look for other similar sites)
Dictionary of Computer technical terms www.whatis.com
Law Dictionary http://www.nolo.com/
Miriam Webster Dictionary www.m-w.com
Libraries on line http://www.bartleby.com/ and www.ipl.org www.refdesk.com Links to everything
http://www.ipl.org/div/light/ Neat info on lighthouses.
Search public records for any information http://www.knowx.com/
This is a pay site, but worth looking at just to see what info can be found in public records. Some records are free.
Find all the newspapers in any state at
Just click on the Newspapers link. While there, look at the other info available.
Internet glossary webopedia.internet.com
www.nationalgeographic.com Finally a place with wallpaper you can trust. Look for the link. Lots of other good stuff too.
https://goodcalculators.com/ is a good plkace for any calculations you need

Training & Education

Learn about usenet
Newsgroup tutorial
Indiana edu
The Wurd click on Newsgroup help in the left column. Many other subjects.
http://www.librarybug.org/index.php Information on libraries in US
Nice place for teachers and students of all grades
http://bestnetguru.com/abcofcomputing/ Another free training site

http://www.silverhairs.co.uk For us old folks

Computer Help & Tips Revised 3-3-09

How Stuff Works Neat site
Check out this article on How PC's work. Best I've seen Click on Printable version to view the whole article. Be sure to check the links at the bottom.
Definitions of anything
Help for all versions of Windows Massive site Click on Windows in the left column. Or click How to Back Up Files. For example, a tool I use frequently to solve Internet connection problems is noted in Finding winipcfg for Windows XP and after a couple of pages takes you to this link http://download.microsoft.com/download/win2000platform/wntipcfg/
And a new one http://mycomputerguide.net/

Web Cams


I found some other sites that list links to webcams all over the world and on every subject, but I won't list them here because they all have links to adult webcams. You can do a search for webcams for yourself, but be aware of the content you might get. And note that most of the spam and virus problems come from accessing these sites.

Consider yourself warned.

Vehicle Info

Humor and info www.cartalk.com

E-Mail tips & Info
sign up for tips on anything

www.zdtips.com has changed to the radio show "Lets Talk Computers" Now offering tips on Inside PhotoShop Tips/ Mac@Home Tips/ Inside PowerPoint Tips/ Inside Windows 98 Tips/ & Excel Tips (Win98? Kinda outadate I'd say!)
www.dummies.com Look for the blue callout to sign up for tips on most anything.
http://www.webbox.com/ allows you to check your e-mail from anywhere. It's not free, but is $19.95 per year. My preference is to use Yahoo for this and it's free. See my instructions on setting Yahoo up to pick up your other mail. In many cases today, most E-Mail services have web mail anyway.


www.myfamily.com A place to share your family photos
www.rootsweb.com Part of ancestry.com
http://www.itd.nps.gov/cwss/ Civil War records
http://www.jewishgen.org/ Jewish records
http://afrigeneas.com/ African Ancestored Genealogy
http://www.genealogia.fi/hiski Genealogical Society of Finland. Select English or 2 native languages to access main page.
http://www.genuki.org.uk/ Enter this large collection of genealogical information pages for England, Ireland, Scotland, Wales, the Channel Islands, and the Isle of Man.
Las Vegas Review Journal article 11/14/2000 can be viewed at
http://www.lvrj.com/lvrj_home/2000/Nov-14-Tue-2000/living/14775733.html The page is out of date, but still displays the story.


AOL fixes program with a lot of tools for all versions. And a lot of other stuff in the menu. (Revised 9-26-17)
WindowsUtilities.com has special programs for solving irritations. My favorite is Unwrap. It is worth registering for the $19.95 to skip the nag screens. See my discussion of it's value.
Snap Files is a nice place for software downloads.
Nice free software for working with images


Be sure to look at my Virus and
Hoaxes, Myths and outright LIES
discussion pages
Get a free antivirus program at Grisoft.com
check out their other free programs
Another one at
Do an online virus scan of your computer at http://housecall.trendmicro.com/
You have to download and install the HouseCall program the first time you do this. (This is also www.antivirus.com)
There are a number of places to go on the Net to see if an E-Mail is a hoax, but this one has an A-Z list:
http://www.snopes.com One of the best Lists of Hoaxes (Was Urbanlegends.com)
Also check www.symantec.com www.mcafee.com www.antivirus.com or search the web for hoaxes.
See this Microsoft page for additional discussion and links. Excellent discussion and links.

Family sites

www.worldvillage.com Click the link to join and get the newsletter.
Nutrition explorations was Family Food Zone
One area I've gotten interested in lately is mental illness. Rather than list all the sites associated with this family need, just search the web for the specific illness. As an example, searching Google for Bipolar brought over 24 million responses and Schizophrenia brought almost 17 million. Being more specific helps. For example Schitzoeffective brought only 138. "Schizophrenia +literature" took it down to 2 million.

http://safestars.org/internet-safety/ Internet Safety Tips for Kids and Adults


www.webmd.com message boards and newsletter
Check the Drug information link and you can get info on any drug.
Hospital finder
Laughing out loud to good health Laughter is the Best Medicine

Home Repairs

How to fix toilets Toiletology 101
Old House Web's How Tos
Do It Yourself.com
And it would not be complete without Bob Vila
About.com has a Home repair section
How Stuff Works has terrific explanations but you may have to allow popups

Resources for Digital Cameras/Scanners

digital photography resource
Lessons on photography

Memory: www.delkin.com Camera, printer, etc.
Cameras: www.epson.com
Nice list of camera manufacturers
Storage: www.iomega.com
Bags & cases www.tamrac.com
Accessories: www.tiffen.com
Batteries: www.questbatteries.com
Hoods: www.hoodmanusa.com
Lens cleaning pen: www.lenspen.com
Adapters: www.photosolve.com
Digital flash: www.srelectronics.com
3D stuff: www.stereoscopy.com

Photo Software:
http://www.irfanview.com/ free program for manipulating photos

Digital Photo Corner: www.dpcorner.com

Specialty paper:
www.ilford.com Professional supplies

Magazines, Newspapers, Publications On Line

PC Magazine
Find all the newspapers in any state at http://www.theopinionsite.com/
Just click on the Newspapers link. While there, look at the other info available.

Photo sharing sites
Note: all of these require creating an account. They may be free, some may charge

even Walmart is in the act.

Unusual sites

Etymology is the study of word origins. (Not to be confused with entymology, the study of insects) I got started by wondering where the phrase "Three sheets to the wind" came from. The answer can be found at
This site has a history of the English language and other interesting information like common errors in etymology. More etymology sites:
http://eleaston.com/ety-site.html lots of links
http://www.rootsweb.com/~genepool/sayings.htm another with links
Find etymology of first names here
You can find more by searching for "etymology" with any search engine.
All about bats http://www.batcon.org/
Clickable chinese characters most interesting.
Laughing out loud to good health
http://www.ipix.com/ 360 deg tours. Click on the photo for example.

A really different calculator/converter is located at

Really unusual gifts made from recycled bicycle parts and other stuff:

Burma Shave Tributes
(I found all these by searching for Burma Shave. See if you can find some more)

http://www.webcom.com/duane/bscontst.html Has contest submissions. Try your luck at limericks

Warning: Even with popup killer active, I got this ad from the above site. Note that anywhere you click except the X takes you to the ad site. This image is not active. Clicking on it here does nothing. I consider this the worst kind of scam.

July 2007, the ad is no longer there or my current killer worked, but they are all over the web, so browse with caution.

http://www.mc.cc.md.us/Departments/hpolscrv/mthomas.htm http://www.backwoodshome.com/articles/waterman37.html

Travel & Maps & Weather

Maps www.nationalgeographic.com click the link in left column
RV Help http://www.rvadvice.com/main.html
Info on RV travel in Nevada or any other state:

More maps www.mapquest.com




No free or online maps. All pay site
Wacky roadside attractions www.roadsideamerica.com
Satellite maps http://www.terraserver.com/ Check out the Featured Items.
Note there are many sites now that deliver weather to your desktop. Be cautious with these. Nice as they are, some really command control & mess up your Windows. Remember, it may say free, but it may carry a cost with it. 2005 qualifyier: I have not tried these programs for years, so am not familiar with their current policies. Read their agreement carefully before using them. Remember if it a commercial site, they gotta get paid somehow. The FMS site is non-commercial & supported by the owners & donations, but that is rare.
http://www.weatherbug.com/ is one example (SEE CAUTION BELOW)
http://www.weather.com/ is another
http://accuweather.com/ is one more
Weatheraloud is a shareware program that will speak the weather to you. The program has added features if you register for $19.95. It can be downloaded at:
http://download.com.com/ or Agentland or Snap Files and others

Additionally here in the Las Vegas area, the TV stations are all offering desktop weather software. (See the caution below)

Caution: Many of these weather sites install on your desktop and take resources. If you notice your machine slowing down after installing any of these, uninstall it.

Stuff for us retired folk

Check this site for some links for retired folks. It is a UK site, but has some good stuff for others as well. Be sure to check the links at the bottom of the page.



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