Projects for Microsoft Word



These projects were designed for use by my students in Windows classes when we had Word 97.
Still worth a try in later versions.
Think you know how to use Microsoft word?
Try this ...

Open or start any document and try these word functions in any order

1. Change the font and size of text different in different lines

2. Change the spacing of lines without using Enter. Use paragraph formatting.
Use Highlighting to see
the line spacing.

3. Change paragraph properties

4. Add bold, italic, underline, change color of text,

5. try various effects IN FONT DIALOG BOX

6. Align various text and paragraphs left, center, right, full

7. Format some columns (takes a large document look for tips.txt) vary from single to triple

8. Insert clip art, WordArt and graphics in documents. Move and resize them.

This is Word Art

9. Decorate a paragraph with a border, then the page with a border.



xperiment with Drop Cap using different Positions and Options

11. Format a graphic for different wrapping techniques and experiment with the text.


12. Try Headers and Footers. Insert date, Page numbering, etc.

13. Try Mail merge. Design a form letter. Create a data base of other students names, merge

14. Try spell check & Thesaurus.

15. Write a Macro.

16. Look at and change Options, Auto Correct and Customize.

17. Try the various Change Case options.

18. Try Find and Replace.

19. Look at the document in different view. Change Zoom factors,.

20. Play with the Page setup options.

21. Experiment with Cut, Copy & Paste.

22. Try the keyboard shortcuts.

23. Try highlighting with different methods.

24. Try some bullets and numbering. Change bullet styles, add new ones.

25. Use Print Preview before printing.

26. Rearrange the way the Word Window looks:

max vs restore, menus, toolbars on/off, drag toolbars. Then try to put it back.

Finally, look for other functions not listed here and try them.

Click Here to see an exercise document to test your knowledge. Some of it overlaps this

The HTML format does not support all the functions mentioned above

Click Here to see this document in Word format.

Having trouble with any of these functions? Get a book and learn these functions. Take a class at your community college or High School extensions. These are the functions I teach at the local Community College here in Boulder City and in private tutoring. For this one area, I will not provide training via e-mail except to paid customers.

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