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XP Notes (revised 12-09)

1. Go Back by Roxio: I recommend installing Go Back on every computer including XP, but you must not use earlier versions. Be sure you get a version of Go Back that is compatible with XP. I recently purchased Norton System works 2002 and it includes Go Back and it was less expensive than Go Back alone. I installed it on my E-Machine that crashed when installing Go Back and it installed fine this time using the program on the Norton disk. I since discovered that the conflict was with CD Creator, another Roxio program. Roxio has released a newer version 3 that is XP compatible. There are NO LONGER updates available on the roxio website. I have installed the Go Back updated downloads and they work on all versions of XP. NOTE: The Go Back program is now owned and sold by Symantec. Check for latest information on availablity.

As of Dec 2009, Symantec has obsoleted GoBack & replaced it with Norton Ghost. The principle still holds- MAKE A BACKUP BEFORE DOING ANY MAINTENANCE. Actually you should do a backup regularly anyway.

2. Some programs are not compatible with XP. The most notable is Adaptec/Roxio CD Creator, earlier versions. You must uninstall this before upgrading to XP. Do not install older versions of it on an XP machine. Check the website for updates.

3. Some programs say they are not approved by Microsoft, but they work OK anyway. One that does not is CD Creator. There is an XP update for older versions. Best to just buy a new versionthat is compatable with XP.
I installed my Panasonic camera using the drivers for Windows 2000 (none available for XP at the time) and it worked fine. My Canon 5000 printer will not work, & Canon refused to support it because it was made by a third party who no longer supports the printer. I junked it and will never buy a Canon again. Never did like them anyway. HP has always and still does outperform all other brands. Their support in moving to XP was fast & good.

4. Many pieces of hardware require getting new drivers from the manufacturer same as we did with upgrading to Me. Most common equipment is supported, but a few are not yet. The ATI All In Wonder video board worked fine, but the TV tuner did not work. ATI said they would eventually provide drivers, but I gave up and upgraded to an ATI Radeon with TV input. One device that will never be supported is the Canon 5000 printer. It was an oddball made for a special purpose and canon has no intention of providing the XP drivers for this printer. Some of my friends have just bought new equipment that is more compatible.

If you are using printers, scanners, Zip drives, etc. that use a parallel port, you will see a great improvement by obtaining equipment that uses USB ports. This does mean some expense and if you are not ready to spend some money, just stick with the older stuff you have as long as it works.

So far, I have set up a number of new computers with XP and upgraded a few and contrary to reports by many, I love XP. It makes installing new equipment easier than any previous Operating system and I have weeded through ever iteration of DOS and Windows since the PC began. With XP, you just plug the device in and sit back. If the drivers are already in XP, it completes the installation without asking one lousy question or saying "File missing" as has happened on every Windows prior to this. If the drivers are not in XP, it asks for the driver CD and then completes the installation flawlessly. The hardest one I had was an 8700 Visioneer scanner and it was mostly my fault. I called the tech support and they walked me through the installation.

The program networks easily. On previous versions of Windows, I had to fight with the network configuration constantly. XP makes it child's play. As with any previous version, there are tricks to learn, but a lot less on XP.

XP looks and feels very different. Some are resistant to change and use the ability of XP to return to the old familiar 98 look. In my opinion this is a mistake. Learn to use the new program the way it was designed. The newer features are much improved if you're not determined to stick to your old ways.


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