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Using the Yahoo Address Book

There are a number of ways to use the address book. Adding new addresses, copying addresses from another address book, using the check boxes, storing phone numbers, home addresses & anniversary dates that are now available anywhere; Printing the addresses and more.

You can use a number of advanced features like organizing people into sub groups like Family, Friends (not necessarily the same thing), business associates, club, etc.

First lets look at adding addresses from another e-mail address book. You can use the import feature, but it does not work for AOL and CompuServe, so here is an easier way that works in all e-mail address books.

Compose an E-mail of interest to everyone in your E-mail address book. If you are changing to Yahoo E-mail, this would be a notice that you are changing your E-mail address. The nice thing about doing this is your address will never change again no matter how often you change your ISP service.

Then address the message to everyone on your list. This is the one time you don't use the Bcc function. You want the addresses to show. Be sure to include your Yahoo E-mail address in the addressing. Send the message.

Then open your Yahoo E-mail and open the message you just sent from the other E-mail program. On Yahoo E-mail there is a blue link on the right side that says "Add To Address Book" Click this and all of the addresses are listed. Click the link that says Check All. This puts a check mark in every address. Click the Add Checked button and they will all be added to your address book.

Hint: Add your own Yahoo address to the list also.

To modify any of them, go to the address book (link on left column), find one to be modified and click the small word Edit at the right side of the name. You can add a lot of personal information like home phone, work phone, addresses, anniversaries, etc.

When you compose a new E-mail in Yahoo, you can add the address from the address book. Click the link that says "Insert addresses from Address Book". A new window shows with your address book. Find the name and check the "To" box and click Done. Then finish the E-mail and send it.

To send to a group of people, click the BCC box on all the names. Then click To on your own name. The reason for this is explained on this page.

Would you like to print the address book? Go to the address book. On the bottom of each page, there is a link that says "Print Address Book ". Click this link and a new window opens asking what you want to print. Select the "Customized Layout" layout and the items to print, or choose one of the other layouts (Summary Layout or Detailed Layout ). Click "Display For Printing" and your entire address book will be displayed. Then print this page. You can choose to print any part of the page or the whole thing. To print only part of it, click here for instructions.

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